Giving to SC4

 Four happy SC4 graduates

St. Clair County Community College has improved the lives of thousands students thanks to more than 90 years of exceptional community support. Multiple generations of families have passed through our halls, gaining skills to improve their lives and our local economy. Your giving will continue that strong tradition of academic excellence. We appreciate your support to SC4 and its students. 

The SC4 Foundation was chartered in 1963 by a group of visionary business and community leaders as a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting St. Clair County Community College in developing its educational program and expanding its facilities. The goal of the foundation is to raise friends and funds to benefit SC4 and the students it serves.

Our values are:

  • To operate exclusively for education purposes.
  • To make enhancement of student learning the center of our work. 
  • To provide opportunities to individuals who might not otherwise be able to attend college.
  • To partner with the college to meet its mission in the community.

Contact us:

Office of the President
Room 217 Main Building
St. Clair County Community College
323 Erie St. PO Box 5015
Port Huron, MI 48061-5015
(810) 989-5545


  • Donations of cash are the easiest way to make an immediate impact for our students. Choose an area of focus and give online now or send your donation to: SC4 Foundation, 323 Erie Street PO Box 5015, Port Huron, MI 48061-5015


  • Consider giving a lasting gift of education for our students by creating or donating to an endowment. Endowed scholarship donations of $20,000 or more may be named in honor or memory of an individual or individuals, group or organization. You may also give to an existing endowed fund, or to the general scholarship fund.

Matching Gifts

  • Matching gift programs can dramatically increase the impact of your investment in St. Clair County Community College. If your employer offers a matching gift program, your donation to SC4 could be doubled or, in some cases, even tripled through a corporate match. The process is simple.
    • Acquire a matching gift form from your employer. (Check with your human resources department.)
    • Fill out your part. (Make a copy for yourself if necessary.)
    • Send the form into our office with your gift or shortly after making your gift.

      Office of College Advancement
      St. Clair County Community College
      323 Erie Street
      P.O. Box 5015
      Port Huron, MI  48061-5015

      We’ll take care of the rest. For further information or questions about matching gifts, call (810) 989-5761.


  • Memorial gifts are a way to honor and remember a loved one, while also furthering the educational mission of SC4. Memorial gifts of any size can be designated toward any of area of focus. If the deceased established an endowed fund at SC4 during his or her lifetime, a donor can direct a gift to that fund or to another previously established fund.

    For gifts greater than $20,000, a new named endowed fund can be established in memory of a family member, classmate, faculty member or friend. An endowed memorial fund can be established at the time of death or at any later time.

    Families may want to suggest in a loved one's obituary that donations be sent to SC4 using language such as: "In lieu of flowers, gifts may be made to the St. Clair County Community College Foundation. Checks should be mailed to the Office of College Advancement, St. Clair County Community College, 323 Erie Street P.O. Box 5015, Port Huron, MI  48061-5015."

    Because the size of these gifts can vary, we will establish a "hold account" in the name of the deceased. We will acknowledge all gifts and periodically provide the family with a list of names and addresses of those who have made memorial gifts. Several months later, when the stream of gifts has slowed, an Advancement Office staff member will consult with the family and help them to choose the fund's designation based on the family's interests and the amount in the fund.

Planned Giving

  • Planned and Life Income Gifts are tools for making significant gifts to SC4 in ways that can be extremely tax advantageous for donors. These include:
    • Bequests through a will
    • Gift annuities, which provide life income to donors and beneficiaries
    • Charitable remainder trusts, which create life income for donors plus a tax deduction for up to six years
    • Charitable lead trusts allow transfer of assets to heirs at reduced tax cost and generous gift to SC4
    • Life insurance policies - naming SC4 as a beneficiary or gifting ownership of policy to the college
    • Retirement plan assets - naming SC4 as beneficiary



Your support offers immediate impact on thousands of students. See the different ways you can help. Click each link to donate online, or call (810) 989-5670 to learn more about donating to a specific cause.

The SC4 Foundation

Donate now!

  • Annual Fund
    • As SC4’s annual fundraising program, the SC4 Annual Fund has the mission to reach out to as many alumni, family, friends and community supporters as possible and to raise unrestricted support for the college. Annual Fund gifts are vital to the health and continued growth of the SC4.
  • General Scholarship Fund
    • The General Scholarship Fund is the most flexible of all of SC4 Foundation scholarship funds and is used to benefit students from all campus academic programs at all levels. Most frequently utilized to round out financial assistance awards to students with documented need and academic potential, your gift to the general scholarship fund may determine whether or not a student can continue their education at SC4.

SC4 Alumni Association

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  • SC4 alumni are proof of the quality education students receive at their community college. The SC4 Alumni Association fosters lifelong relationships between SC4 and its alumni by continuing to be a source of education, enrichment and entertainment for thousands of former students.

    Your support will enable the association to serve the needs of the alumni community, help SC4 advance its mission and also boost the communities served by SC4. Learn more by visiting the alumni webpage.

Friends of the Arts

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  • Arts Programming
    • Last year, more than 10,000 people enjoyed dynamic theater and musical performances at SC4. Thousands more explored the talents of our student artists and artists from the community at fine arts exhibits on campus. Whether introducing elementary students to fine and performing arts through “Clay and a Concert” or allowing SC4 theater students to hone their skills in a performance, your gift to arts programming will ensure that the arts remain a vibrant part of our college.


Donate now!

  • Whether it’s on the court, on the field, on the links or in the classroom, SC4 student athletes work hard! Your donation to SC4 Athletics supports their efforts to excel in competition and in life. You can donate to the athletic department as a whole, or any individual sport.

Event Sponsorship

  • Sponsoring an event at SC4 is a great way to show the community that you believe in the importance of supporting student success. With a variety of opportunities available, there’s a sponsorship to fit every marketing plan and budget.

Corporate Giving

  • Partnering with SC4 is a wise investment in the future—and a smart choice for your corporation. From capital support to recruiting relationships, working with SC4 can advance your corporation’s strategic positioning, mission, and goals.
    • In-kind gifts of equipment and software: Donations of needed equipment, supplies, software, and subscriptions can provide significant benefits to the college’s academic and service programs, and provide helpful tax breaks to corporations.
    • Support for student scholarships: Scholarship support strengthens SC4’s ability to offer access regardless of financial need.
    • Support for buildings and laboratories: Companies that want to make permanent and highly visible contributions to the college can consider unique naming opportunities for academic centers or campus buildings. SC4 publicly acknowledges major donations of capital support through dedications.
    • Matching gift programs: Setting up a matching gift program at your corporation allows employees to leverage their support for SC4.
    • Recruiting relationships: Where better to recruit new employees than a diverse, knowledge-rich institution like SC4? The college can assist businesses interested in gaining access to graduating students.